Why are comments checked?

We feel it's necessary to check every comment that comes through our blog, so that we can ensure we have a good idea of what’s being published on our website. This is a family friendly site, and we want to make sure anything that gets published is suitable for young bloggers too! While we check every comment on our blog, we can’t guarantee that every comment will get published. This might be because the comment is overly long, contains some offensive content, is personal, or contains material that we feel is unsuitable for the post.

The best way to get your comments published is to ensure that they are relevant and to the point, and are not too long. The type of comments that are likely to, or simply won’t, get published are given below. We have split this into 'Acceptable' and 'Non Acceptable'.

Acceptable comments:

  • Are relevant to the post;
  • Respond to the post or the writer of the post;
  • Are not too long (as a general rule, aim for a maximum of around 300 words – about one-third of an A4 page);
  • May be open to discussion, contradictory and disagree with the post or the writer of the post, but are never offensive or abusive to the writer, readers or any persons;
  • Are topical and don’t contain any spam-like content.

Non-Acceptable comments:

  • Insult the writer of the post, readers, other persons and other websites etc;
  • Are personal, and refer to other persons in a derogatory sense;
  • Are long, frequently wander off the point and contain spam-like content;
  • Are negative in tone and contain profanities or threats.

Our policy on comments

We won't tolerate any comments that contain profanities, offensive content or personal arguments. This includes comments that (explicitly or implicitly) point the finger at others, or others’ motives, or which otherwise seek to personalize matters under discussion.

We reserve the right to, and may make, spelling and grammar corrections.

All comments are released into the public domain. You do not retain copyright. Comments that explicitly assert they retain copyright will not be published and will be deleted.

If we feel that the post or comments have grown increasingly off topic, or the numbers of comments have become exceedingly large, we will close the post and no more comments will be accepted. However until this happens (it might not) you can continue to access previous posts via our archive and leave comments.

Repeat offenders of our comments policy may be barred from future access to the blog.


Disclaimer: some of the links made available to you through our pages will allow you to leave our Web site. Please be aware that while you may be able to access these Internet sites from our blog, we have no control over these sites, or the material you may find there. Therefore, we cannot and do not make any representation to you about these sites, or the materials available there, and the fact that we have made these links available to you is not an endorsement or recommendation to you by us of any of these sites, or any material found there. We are providing these links only as a convenience to you.

How we use your data

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information


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