Digital shop windows

Our Thomson shop in Chester will be utilising new technology to create the first Thomson digital window. Two large digital posters will dominate the shop’s window and it’ll mean waving ‘goodbye’ to paper posters, handwritten notices and general paper clutter.

Digital shop windows

Not only will Thomson be waving goodbye to the old cluttered shop window, but will be saying ‘hello’ to being green… saving loads of trees by cutting out unnecessary paper usage. The ground breaking 42” Sunlight LCD Digital Poster is unlike standard LCD Displays and Plasma Screens because they work in direct sunlight and are 5 times brighter than a standard LCD. It’s also the first ever to be installed in the UK.

Thomson has won many awards for its digital posters including the ‘Best use of in-store marketing technology’ award at the Retail Systems Awards (14th November). They were also shortlisted for the World Retail Awards.


Love the idea but saying ‘hello’ to being green, how does that work?, what will power the 42” digital Plasma

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